Yamaha R6 to the max on the track!

This is how you ride an Yamaha R6 on a track. Easy, fast and so close to the ground that you can actually take a nap on the longer curves! Also note how relaxed is this guy while riding an inch from the ground! Watch and learn.

Yamaha R6 2009

The Most Hyperactive Of Them All

Priced, at the time, from just under $10,000, the Yamaha YZF R6 2009 model is finding favour with its fans.

With its low gas tank mounted into the Deltabox frame, the 2009 R6 allows its rider to squat in comfort under the windscreen.  For a short or tall rider, this is a plus indeed.

Its engine – is the 599cc liquid-cooled inline 4 cylinder.  Fuel injection coupled with the YCC-I and YCC-T, Yamaha has attained its engine performance demanded by devotees.

In getting power from the Y6, on e rider claimed that he could get power after he reached 8k rpm.  The specs initially offered 6k.

It’s certainly fuel friendly and offers about 40 miles to the gallon in its 4.5 tank.

For years now, the Yamaha team has wondered how much further can these middleweight bikes be bettered and how much better looking they can make them.  The team claims that the R6 as the best.

Racers lauded the R6 as having plenteous real-world track power.

As a racetrack machine, the R6 certainly impressed its reviewers, but failed to fully please on the road.   Again, the reviewers were looking at the circumstances under which they were riding but all in all, then Yamaha R6 2009, rated well.

By the way, even with classy machine like the R6 it’s always good idea to have a motorbike breakdown cover because everything could happen on the open road!

Yamaha R6 2008

Yamaha R6 2008 We’re The First to Break 170 MPH

The Yamaha R6 had its last facelift in 2006 with the emphasis being on its racetrack role.  Street riding was not in the front of the engineers’ agenda.  Mainly it was believed that for commuters there were far other better choices.

2008 was a little different, this year the R6 was given another fine tuning in an attempt to add some middle range oomph and yet retaining its high RPM punch.  This included a higher compression ratio Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) and Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T). The changes have given the R6 the ability to smash the 170 mph barrier.  This has never been done by a 600cc machine before.

Yamaha engineers wanted to increase stability by reinforcing the steering head, engine mounting points and rear swing arm pivot.  Other subtle adjustments were made.

Just over $9500, at release, the Yamaha R6 2008 comes highly recommended for the rider who wants plenty of oomph under his legs and can hit the required speed with requisite authority.

Your machine is light, yet powerful and bristling with all the knowhow gleaned from years of racing. The YZF –R6 is claimed to be the most progressive ‘sickle’ Yamaha or anyone else, for that matter, has ever built.

Yamaha R6 2006

From 0-60mph in 3 Secs

That’s The Yamaha R6 2006

Riders were clamoring for something that would give the ’04 and –’05 Yamaha R6 models a boost.

They were not disappointed with the advent of the ’06 model.  An outstanding performer said one, and then added, if you’re at 7000rpm or higher. It tends to lose oomph below 11k rpm and so, as a racing bike, the rpms need to be kept up.  This is a very good bike and good on corners.

This 600cc beauty is tight on the turns and the innovative fly-by-wire throttle system makes acceleration so much smoother and controllable.  One rider claimed his acceleration went from 0-60mph in 3 seconds.

Just under $10,000 when released, some clam it was a lofty price tag, but what the R6 produced justified that.

It’s fairly gas friendly, with a fuel capacity of 4.6 gals (17 liters).

Very little was said by writers and riders on the cons of the R6 2006 in fact, most reviewers were lavish in their praise.  As one reviewer put it.  “This bike ain’t for the faint hearted.”   Then after all, it is a racing bike.

Having said that, it is still street smart as well.

The Yamaha R6 2006 is a great bike for just learning and knowing the ropes.